How Can You Fix a Dripping Refrigerator?


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Adjusting the level of the refrigerator so that it tilts slightly backward stops refrigerator drips in many cases. If not, flushing out the drain hole above the drip pan should solve the problem.

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When a refrigerator drips onto the floor, the condensation that normally would evaporate from the drip pan beneath the unit is not making it into the drain that leads to that drip pan. If the refrigerator is completely level or tilted even slightly forward, the water might not be able to access the drain. Having an assistant tip the refrigerator slightly backward, unscrewing the front legs just a few turns to elevate them, and setting the refrigerator back down should point the water in the right direction. Using a level on the front side of the refrigerator indicates whether or not the legs are even.

If water still drips onto the floor after this adjustment, pushing a pipe cleaner or a drinking straw through the drain tubes should help. The owner's manual should indicate the exact location of the drain tubes, but they are normally at the back of the unit. Mixing dish soap, warm water and ammonia creates a solution that fights bacteria. Squeezing that solution into the drain tube with a turkey baster cleans out the tube and also tests whether the clog has been moved. If not, it's time to push a straw or pipe cleaner through the drain tube, accessing it from inside the refrigerator.

Pouring water through the tubes should show that the tubes are clear, as water should now be in the drain pan. If it evaporates, no further work is necessary.

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