How Can I Fix Dents in a Hardwood Floor?

To fix dents in a hardwood floor, clean the area to be fixed, purchase a wax stick, drip wax onto the dent, and push the wax into the dent. Remove excess wax with a putty knife.

  1. Clean the area to be fixed

    Clean the area surrounding the dent thoroughly to get rid of dust, dirt and oil. Dry the floor before proceeding.

  2. Purchase a wax stick

    Purchase a hardwood floor filler melt stick. Ensure that the wax stick closely matches the color of your floor.

  3. Drip wax onto the dent

    Attach the heating tip before igniting the micro torch. Hold the torch under the wax stick, and allow a small amount of wax to drip onto the dent.

  4. Push the wax into the dent

    Using a putty knife, push the wax into the dent by drawing your hand in a backward motion. Ensure that the wax is still soft when pushing it in. Allow the wax to dry completely and inspect the results.

  5. Remove the excess wax

    Using the putty knife, carefully shave down the excess wax. Ensure that the wax is flush with the surrounding wood to completely get rid of the dent. Be careful not to scratch the floor.