How Can You Fix a Bunn Coffee Maker?


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To fix a Bunn coffee maker, perform the initial setup, close the lid properly, and add water if coffee does not come out. If the funnel overflows, delime the sprayhead. Clean the unit and replace the gasket to prevent leaks. Keep the lid open when filling the tank.

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If coffee does not come out from the Bunn coffee maker, perform the initial setup as instructed in the guide. Additionally, make sure the lid is completely closed and that there are at least 20 ounces of water in the tank. Performing the initial setup is also a must if the decanter fills only partially.

For a leaky Bunn coffee maker or one in which the coffee does not come out or the funnel overflows, delime the sprayhead with the flexible deliming tool. Insert this tool into the sprayhead and slide it in and out several times to remove lime build-up and mineral flakes. An overflowing funnel in the coffee maker can also be fixed by using Bunn coffee filters and coarsely ground coffee. Replacing a worn out gasket or seal in the unit can fix leaks.

If water flow begins in the Bunn coffee maker before the lid is closed, keep the lid completely open when filling the water tank, and ensure that water does not flow from the upper tray. Also, ensure that the rocker arm is in position and that the rubber stopper area is cleaned.

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