How Can a Fire Pit Be Built?

How Can a Fire Pit Be Built?

The essential points of a fire pit are to make a foundation and build up a wall around it to contain a fire. This can be achieved with or without using mortar.

Building a fire pit can be an easy and simple task if directions are followed. These directions are for a simple fire pit with no mortar, and sand at the bottom to prevent the spread of fire.

  1. Choose location
  2. Choosing a good location is essential, since the fire pit needs to be away from any low hanging tree branches and septic tanks. Checking local laws and ordinances regarding the distances from such city items can help to give a clearer idea on requirements.

  3. Laying out the initial ring
  4. Lay down the wall stones, or bricks, in the approximate circle size that is wanted. Generally, fire pits are about 3 to 4 feet in diameter. Using a tape measure can help with this task.

  5. Digging and filling
  6. Using the stones as a guide, remove them and dig a hole about 12 inches deep in the measured area. Replace the stones back to their original spaces. Fill the hole with sand, then tamp down.

  7. Building up the fire pit
  8. Continue placing stones on the ring around the fire pit until 12 inches high, then fill the hole with 4 inches of sand. Continue laying the bricks or stones around the fire pit until reaching the desired height.