Where Can You Find Extra-Large Sofa Covers?

Where Can You Find Extra-Large Sofa Covers?

SURE FIT and Amazon.com sell extra-large sofa covers. Touch of Class sells extra-large slipcovers and pet protectors for sofas. Needle and Shears Custom Decor makes custom-sized furniture covers, and Sears sells extra-large sofa covers for outdoor furniture.

SURE FIT sells covers for sofas that measure 74 inches to 96 inches in length. The company makes its furniture covers from machine-washable fabrics, including cotton, denim, faux silk, faux suede and jacquard, as well as damask and matelasse. The company provides step-by-step buying and measuring guides to ensure an accurate fit.

Amazon.com sells a limited number of extra-large sofa covers, including The Original Sofa Shield, which is reversible and available in four sizes. Touch of Class offers Rosanna jacquard rose drapable sofa covers, and the jumbo cover is 170 inches long and 70 inches wide. The company also offers pet protectors that cover the arms, seat and back areas of furniture.

Sears offers several outdoor sofa covers made by Budge Industries. The collection includes covers for wicker sofas and one extra extra-large outdoor sofa cover that measures 100 inches in length.

Needle and Shears Custom Decor crafts custom-designed covers for most sofas and chairs. The company designs sofa covers based on photos and measurements that customers submit. Needle and Shears Custom Decor also drafts custom patterns, to serve customers who wish to make their own furniture covers.