Where Can You Get Expert Online Advice to Plumbing Questions?


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There are two main types of websites that give expert advice about plumbing. The first type includes dedicated plumbing sites that provide do-it-yourself guides, such as DIYPlumbingAdvice.com. The second category includes dedicated expert sites that bring together professionals in various fields to share specialized knowledge, such as eHow.

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Where Can You Get Expert Online Advice to Plumbing Questions?
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DIYPumbingAdvice.com categorizes its plumbing advice into eleven subjects. These include toilets, working with pipes, dishwashers, and drains and septic systems to name a few. The site is highly resourceful because it gives direct walkthrough guides on how to address specific plumbing issues under each category. An example of this is the site's article, “How to Find and Fix a Toilet Leak.”

On DIYAdvice.com, visitors find an entire list of plumbing topics under the plumbing menu on the website's navigation bar. The plumbing section displays relevant articles on commonly searched for issues, such as a basic pipe repairs and installing an under-sink filters, on the main category page.

EHow places its plumbing experts’ articles under the Home Repair and Maintenance category of its Home and Garden section. However, the articles provided here are not categorized by plumbing needs. Instead, they are listed randomly, and users have to search through the extensive list to find a specific article. The advantage of eHow's plumbing articles is that they come with DIY videos, which makes them very easy to understand.

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