What Can You Expect to Pay for a Professional Pool Inspection?

Typical professional pool inspection costs, including a complete report, range between $95.72 and $131.56 for standard residential-size swimming pools, with the median cost running $113.64, according to ProMatcher. Inspection and report services for Olympic-size and commercial pools generally run around $200.

When seeking an estimate from a professional pool inspection service, be sure to get all quotes in writing before representatives begin the inspection. Be sure the inspector provides a complete written report with photographs at the end of the inspection as homes with pools often require this before completion of a sale. A thorough inspection should include evaluations of placement in regards to electrical access and wires, and protection surrounding the pool, such as fences and gates. The pool and deck should be inspected for cracks, open joints and pitting, while equipment, such as pumps, filters, timers, skimmers and heaters, needs checking to ensure optimum operation.