Where Can You Find Estimates for a Kitchen Remodel?


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Fixr and ImproveNet are both good places to find estimates for a kitchen remodel. On both websites, average prices for different types of kitchen remodels are listed.

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On Fixr, there are very basic types of remodels for a kitchen, along with the approximate cost of materials and labor. Keep in mind these are only average amounts. The labor costs vary based on the contractor and the difficulty of the renovations, and the materials vary widely based on the types chosen. For example, the average materials cost for counter tops is $5,928, as of 2015, but the price could be higher if choosing granite or marble counter tops.

The kitchen remodel estimates on ImproveNet have different remodeling projects, though not quite as simplistic as Fixr. For example, there is a price for remodeling the entire kitchen, installing or refacing the cabinets, and building an outdoor kitchen.

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