How Can You Estimate the Price to Build a Home?


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Estimate the price of building a home by using an online calculator and looking at the average costs. It is also helpful to look at the different factors that influence the cost of building a home, such as the size and special features.

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There is an online calculator available at Building-Cost.net that provides step-by-step configurations for figuring out the cost to build a house. It asks questions about the square footage, number of corners in the layout, quality classifications, structures and the area it is to be built in. Select each answer to find out the approximate average cost to build that type of house.

There are also average costs for different aspects of building a house. As of 2008, the average cost to build a basic single-family house is about $295,000, though many factors can change the final price. This price comes from an average of $117 per square foot, which is slightly lower than the natural average of $125 per square foot. It also looks at charging contractors per hour, such as $45 to $65 an hour for a plumber and $70 an hour for an excavator.

Factors to consider when calculating the cost include the total square footage of the home and the layout or architecture of the home. Box-shaped houses cost less than a house with more corners and angles. Location, market conditions, labor costs and site preparation also need to be considered.

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