How Can You Estimate the Cost of Installing House Siding?

To estimate the cost of installing house siding, some factors to consider are the type and quality of the siding material, the home's size and shape, the home location, labor costs and whether the old siding needs to be removed. Some different types of siding material are vinyl, wood, stone, aluminum, brick or stucco. As of November 2015, the costliest type of siding material is stone, which including both labor and material costs can cost between $690 and $1,860 per 100 square feet, notes

When estimating the cost of installing siding, a main factor to look at is the type of material choices that are available. Fair-faced plywood and standard non-insulating aluminum siding can be the least costly to install. As of November 2015, the cost, which includes labor and materials, is nearly $5,815 for fir-faced plywood and $5,880 for aluminum for 1,500 square feet of siding, as noted by the website. Installing 1,500 square feet of granite stone veneer siding is at the higher end of the cost range, which can be more than $92,000 for both labor and materials. These siding costs do not include removal of siding, which can increase further the cost to install siding.

The home's size and shape can also significantly increase the cost of this type of home improvement project. For siding on larger or oddly shaped homes, the cost is greater. Similarly, the home's location can affect the overall cost to hire a contractor and buy materials. Another factor that can influence the cost of hiring a contractor is the time of year a homeowner desires the work done. During summer months, contractors can charge more for this work as opposed to other times of the year that are offseason.