How Can You Estimate the Cost of Installing Concrete Edging?


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You can estimate the cost of installing concrete edging using online calculators that use the cost of materials, supply and labor in your state to estimate total costs. You may have to provide your ZIP code to estimate the cost of labor and purchasing materials in your location.

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The cost of installing concrete edging depends on the size of the project in linear feet. The estimate often includes the cost of purchasing and delivering materials, preparing and cleaning the site, removing debris after completing the project, and setup time and hourly charges. The labor cost estimates also include planning, material acquisition, installation and cleanup. The estimates do not consider any discounts that you may get from specific contractors or suppliers.

However, you should note that it may cost you more if you need the project completed in a hurry or if the task is very complex. Contractors who are insured, licensed and bonded often charge higher. The style you choose for your concrete edging may also affect the total costs. To get a fair price, it is important to shop around, compare contractors and give a realistic time frame.

It is important to note that cost estimates for installing concrete edging do not include inspection fees or sales tax. They also do not include the cost of testing for any dangerous materials in the property such as lead and asbestos.

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