How Can You Eliminate Raccoons?


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To eliminate raccoons, use lights and radio sounds to scare them, cover trash cans, avoid leaving pet food outdoors, and install an electric fence around your yard. Spraying your around your house or yard with anti-raccoon repellents may also aid in eliminating the animals. Raccoons mainly feed on insects, worms, fruits, nuts and amphibians.

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Put a radio near a yard entry point or a garbage can, set the radio to a talk station, and turn the volume high. Raccoons are nocturnal, so place motion-sensor floodlights in your yard to scare the animals away. Put raccoon repellents, such as human hair, ammonia, bleach and mothballs, where the animals visit. A female raccoon with cubs is particularly stubborn, so consider spraying your home with raccoon eviction repellent, which is made of male raccoons' urine.

Electric fences frighten away raccoons that jump or dig under fences. Wind electric wires around tree trunks if raccoons access food sources or roofs via trees. Be sure to shut down the power supply during the day to prevent electric shock.

Cover trash cans with locking lids. Alternatively, put garbage in the garage or closed rooms at night. Store pet food in containers or bags, and clean bird feeders regularly. Apply insecticides to your garden or yard to kill insects and worms that attract raccoons.

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