How Can You Eliminate Moles in Lawns?


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Using mole-specific traps that trap and kill the pests simultaneously is the most effective means of eliminating them from the area. Other methods are less reliable, including poison, fumigants and home remedies. Moles live alone, except during mating season, so the damage a lawn incurs is usually due to a single animal.

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Manufacturers make traps for use above and below the surface of the lawn, and each type comes with specific directions regarding its placement. Move any trap that doesn't catch a mole within the first 24 hours. Place a plastic bucket over the trap to conceal it and protect other animals.

Some organic gardeners recommend eliminating grubs to get rid of moles. However, moles also consume earthworms, so this isn't an effective means of control. In addition, earthworms provide many positive benefits to the lawn, so removing them often causes more harm than benefit.

Although moles don't eat vegetable matter, their activity underground causes grass to die, and they leave trails in the areas where they dig. In a natural setting, the work of the mole helps to aerate the soil and eliminate harmful insect larvae. However, homeowners often find the raised ridges they leave unacceptable in manicured lawns.

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