How Can You Eliminate Fruit Flies?

How Can You Eliminate Fruit Flies?

To eliminate fruit flies, remove any ripening fruit from the counters and clean the inside of trash cans and recycling bins. Place fly traps in the areas where fruit flies flourish, such as on counter tops, near sink drains and in pantries.

Once fruit flies find their way inside a home, they are difficult to get rid of. This is because they are voracious breeders, laying up to 500 eggs at one time, usually near ripening fruit. By storing fruits and vegetables in the refrigerator, they lose their primary breeding spot.

Homemade fly traps are the best in homes with children or pets because they eliminate the need for dangerous pesticides. Making a fly trap only takes a few supplies and a couple of minutes.

  1. Gather the supplies
  2. To make one fly trap, get a jar or tall glass, a piece of paper, tape and a piece of ripened fruit, fruit peel or apple cider vinegar

  3. Make a funnel out of the piece of paper.
  4. Roll the paper into a funnel shape, making it wider at the top than at the bottom. Using a piece of tape, secure the funnel.

  5. Fill the jar
  6. Add a piece of ripened fruit or enough apple cider vinegar to fill the bottom of the jar. Insert the funnel, making sure the bottom doesn't touch the fruit and that there are no gaps along the side.

  7. Set up the trap
  8. Place the finished trap in the area that has the most fruit flies. When it's time to empty it, either release the bugs outside or flush the traps with water.