How Can You Get an Electrician Apprentice License?


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An electrician apprentice license can be obtained by applying online on the state’s website where the applicant wishes to work, or through mail. A fee is also required, although the requirements and fees to apply vary from state to state.

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Most states require that the applicant be at least 16 years of age, and all require legal United States workers. Although states do not require a mandatory training program, all states do require that the applicant must be currently furthering their knowledge of electrical systems. The most common way to qualify for this requirement is that the applicant be engaged in the process of learning about and assisting in electrical work, and she is doing so under a licensed professional.

In order to prove this, many states require the applicant to submit a letter of verification on company letterhead signed by the Master Electrician of the company. If not currently employed by a licensed professional, some states still allow students taking at least four hours of continuing education to qualify for apprentice licenses as well.

Once the application process is finished, the application goes to a board for review. The board determines if the applicant qualifies or not, and she is notified in writing. If approved, the license requires renewal every two years.

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