How Can You Find a Dyson Repair Center?

Find a Dyson repair center by visiting the Service Centers section of and choosing from the list of current authorized locations, as of 2015. The site organizes locations by state, with listings for each store according to city, and it contains information about location, hours of operation and available services.

The Support page of offers a variety of help options to customers, including a page that covers all of its official services and repair centers. The main Dyson Service Centers page includes a list of each city and state in which a center operates, along with details about current company-wide promotions that may be available at these locations and a tool to initiate a chat conversation with a support specialist. The page also links to other Dyson promotions and offers the number and hours for its support line. To view details about a specific location, click on the city name to load its page.

Each service center's page includes a short summary of available services, such as information about repair-only centers or centers that maintain a full sales team and inventory. It also contains a description of the store, its address, its phone number and its hours of operation. Some pages provide a map view of the store and links to find driving directions. Every page also includes customer reviews from the store's Yelp page.