Can You Download a Manual to Install a GE Double Wall Oven?

Can You Download a Manual to Install a GE Double Wall Oven?

Installation instructions for a GE double wall oven are available for download from the main company website. An owner's manual and installation instruction search feature is located on the Manuals & Literature link under the Support heading.

Entering a specific model of GE double wall oven and clicking Submit in the search feature brings up applicable literature for the unit. Installation instructions are in PDF file format, either downloadable or viewable depending on the browser used.

Wall oven units, which feature either a single or double oven chamber, are mounted into or underneath existing cabinets to create a flush, built-in look. Although GE does offer a few gas wall ovens, as of 2015, the majority are electric.

Installation of a wall oven unit begins generally by creating a large enough cut-out space for the unit. The instructions provide the necessary dimensions for the opening, which varies depending on if the unit is a 24-inch, 27-inch or 30-inch model. After the cut-out is prepared, GE suggests removing the oven door or doors for easier installation.

The power supply and, for a gas oven, a gas line are connected to the wall oven next. While gas ovens use a 110-volt common household outlet, electric wall ovens require a junction box near the installation site to make a direct electrical connection.