What Can Be Done to Stop Backyard Drainage Problems?


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Property owners eliminate drainage problems by grading the yard and amending the soil. Planting water-tolerant plants in the affected area eliminates small amounts of standing water.

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What Can Be Done to Stop Backyard Drainage Problems?
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Filling large depressions on the property with topsoil or fill soil and grading the area away from the home's foundation promotes proper drainage. Grading away all properties from neighboring homes and away from natural bodies of water is important. If a puddle persists for several months, it is necessary to inspect the home's water pipes for leaks, and replace all damaged pipes. Homeowners can remedy small puddles caused by natural springs by capturing the spring water or redirecting the spring.

Homeowners also direct excess water into approved drainage systems using downspouts, French drains and downspout extensions. The runoff is stored in dry wells, cisterns or water gardens, and homeowners use sump pumps to move rain water into the desired areas.

Alternately, property owners can divert excess water away from gardens by digging trenches, installing PVC drainage pipes in the trenches, and covering the trenches with gravel and topsoil. The end of the drainage pipe is located in an acceptable drain field. Lawns flooded year round may be located in wetlands, and property owners must follow local regulations when planting, grading or amending soil on protected wetlands.

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