What Can Be Done to Repair a Broken Sculpture?

What Can Be Done to Repair a Broken Sculpture?

To repair a broken sculpture, brush an epoxy product onto the edges of the pieces and put the pieces back together. Fill cracks with plumber's putty or tube putty.

To repair a broken acrylic resin sculpture, use the following steps.

  1. Take stock of the damage
  2. Take a good look at the broken sculpture. Gather all of the pieces and make note of any cracks.

  3. Sand the broken edges
  4. Carefully remove any chipped pieces. Sand down any broken edges with fine sandpaper. Wash off dust with a damp rag.

  5. Apply epoxy
  6. To reassemble the sculpture, work one piece at a time. Apply epoxy to the broken edges of the sculpture and pieces.

  7. Put the statue back together
  8. After applying epoxy to the edges, fit the pieces back together.

  9. Fill in the cracks
  10. Fill in any gaps between the pieces and larger cracks with plumber's putty and a putty knife. Fill in finer cracks with tube putty. Let the putty dry and use sandpaper to smooth it down.

  11. Repaint the statue (optional)
  12. For painted statues, find paint colors that match those of the sculpture. Carefully paint over the repaired portions with a fine brush.

Epoxy can also repair sculptures made out of harder substances, such as stone. However, heavy materials such as stone or cement may require some additional support. To add stability to a broken stone sculpture, drill holes in both pieces and insert metal pins into the holes on the main part of the statue. Apply epoxy to the broken edges and fit the pieces together.