Where Can You Donate Your Used Home Appliances?


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Used home appliances can be donated directly to national organizations such as The Salvation Army or Habitat for Humanity. Potential contributors can also find local organizations that accept appliance donations through DonationTown.org.

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Contributors can schedule a pickup of used appliances through The Salvation Army website. After entering a ZIP code, contributors are directed to a page for a local Salvation Army program. After entering more descriptive information, such as the type of appliances to be donated, a pickup date is offered. If pickup is not an option, contact information is displayed to assist in following through with the donation. Contributors can also find a nearby affiliate that accepts drop-off appliance donations through The Salvation Army website.

Habitat for Humanity accepts donations of used appliances that are then sold through Habitat's ReStores. Through the Habitat for Humanity website, contributors can find information regarding both pickup and drop-off options in their area. Pickup is available for most larger appliances in good working order.

DonationTown.org uses ZIP codes to match potential contributors with local organizations that are part of their network. Once a potential contributor enters his ZIP code, he is redirected to enter contact information and choose a participating charity. The availability of pickup and drop-off options is dependent on the charity that is chosen.

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