Where Can You Donate Old Trophies?

As of 2015, old trophies can be donated to companies such as Lamb Awards and Engraving in Maryland and Total Awards and Promotions in Madison, Wisconsin. These companies specialize in recycling and repurposing trophies so they can be used by nonprofit organizations.

Trophies being donated for refurbishing should be in good overall condition, with no broken pieces, damaged figures, discolored bases or rust. By simply re-engraving trophies, a non-profit organization can save money over purchasing new trophies. Local awards and trophy shops might also take a donation of old trophies to use for parts. Trophies can also be donated to a local Goodwill or directly to crafters who make artwork, planters or decorative wine corks out of trophies.

Old trophies can also be donated back to the organizations that awarded them, such as local sports teams, clubs or service organizations. High schools and colleges sometimes display old trophies in cases, particularly if they belonged to well-known alumni. Historical societies may take trophy donations if the trophies are antique or belonged to someone important. Any significant awards, such as professional sports trophies, Emmy awards, Oscar awards or Pulitzer Prizes, can be donated to libraries and museums or given as gifts to interested parties.