How Can You Donate or Dispose of Mattresses in Bulk?


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People can donate perfectly usable mattresses to a local homeless shelter or to an online donation facility. If the mattresses are unusable, contact the city's sanitation department and make an appointment for a bulk trash collection. Some local recycling and waste collection facilities may also collect furniture for a fee.

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Mattresses are not easily disposed of. Most garbage trucks don't collect them because they are bulky, hard to compress and make room for flammable air pockets in the landfill. If a mattress is still in good condition, try offering it to a local furniture bank and other organizations, such as Freecycle or a local Goodwill. Some recycling facilities can also break down and recycle the materials in the mattress for a minimal fee. To check for nearby local recycling options, see the official website of Earth 911.

Dilapidated and bedbug-infested mattresses and box springs may be disposed of through a local government trash collection service. Most cities collect mattresses in bulk but require the items wrapped in plastic to prevent the spread of bedbugs. Depending on the city, the covered mattresses may be placed out with regular garbage for bulk collection or may need scheduling in advance. Some cities, such as the District of Columbia, limit the number of items on bulk collections.

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