Where Can Dometic Replacement Parts Be Purchased?


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Dometic replacement parts can be purchased online through websites such as PPL Motor Homes, Dyers and eBay. Replacement parts found on these websites include lower circuit boards, power supply boards, door gaskets, shelves, bins, vent caps and pilot lights.

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Replacing many of the parts on a Dometic refrigerator does not require assistance from a repair professional, as RV refrigerators do not have any moving parts, pumps or complex compressors. RV refrigerators require the constant circulation of ammonia in the cooling coil to keep the unit cold inside. User manuals, troubleshooting and repair tips for Dometic refrigerators are available through websites such as FunTimesGuide.com.

Some refrigeration repair issues, such as a broken pilot light or thermocouple, typically require new parts, which Dometic refrigerator owners can order and replace without assistance. On the other hand, extensive repairs, such as a leaking cooling coil, may require the expertise of a professional repair service. For these types of repairs, replacing the Dometic refrigerator with a new may be less expensive than repairing the unit.

Owners of Dometic refrigerators should reference model, product and serials numbers to find the correct replacement parts for specific RV refrigeration units when shopping online. PPL Motor Homes, Dyers and eBay allow Dometic owners to purchase replacement parts directly online.

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