How Can You Distill Water at Home?


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There are various ways to distill water, but one of the simplest methods is distilling water using a stove. This method requires a large stainless steel or aluminum pot with a rounded lid, a small glass bowl that fits into the pot to collect distilled water and ice cubes.

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How Can You Distill Water at Home?
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Fill the pot halfway with tap water, then place the glass bowl in the pot so that it is floating on the water. Make sure the glass bowl is heat resistant. Place the pot on a stove element, turn the lid upside down and place it on the pot. Place ice cubes on top of the inverted lid.

Then turn the heat on to bring the water to a boil. When the water boils, water vapor rises up to the cold lid, condenses into liquid water and drips into the bowl. This is the distilled water. By inverting the lid, the liquid water runs down to the lowest point and drips into the bowl.

Continue the process until the bowl fills. Once it is full, turn off the heat, and carefully remove the bowl of distilled water. Allow the distilled water to cool down, and then store it in a clean, sterile container.

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