How Can You Dispose of Old Furniture?


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Homeowners can dispose of old or unwanted furniture by donating it to local charities or thrift stores, selling them or giving them away for free through local community Web boards such as Craigslist or eBay Classifieds. If a homeowner buys new furniture, he may also arrange for the furniture store to pick up his old furniture when the store delivers the new one. Alternatively he can put out his old furniture on the curb with a "free furniture" sign.

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Donating old furniture to charity entitles owners to deduct the market value of the furniture off their taxes at the end of the year. The Salvation Army publishes a Donation Value Guide with price ranges that help donors choose fair market values for their donations. Many national charities also collect furniture donations from homeowners, or homeowners may drop them off at the charity. Besides the Salvation Army, some of the other charities that take furniture donations are The National Furniture Bank Association, Vietnam Veterans of America, Goodwill, United Way and Donation Town.

When selling old furniture on Craigslist or eBay Classifieds, experts advise homeowners to give the furniture a good cleaning, such as wiping off stains, fluffing cushions, and dusting and polishing tables. Te owners should make minor repairs, such as fixing wobbly table legs, touching up chipped paint and removing visible spots with a stain remover. Combining flattering digital pictures of the furniture in attractive settings with enticing ads that dazzlingly describe the furniture is sure to attract buyers.

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