How Can You Dispose of a Mattress for Free?


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Dispose of a clean, usable mattress by donating it to a thrift store, Goodwill, a homeless shelter, a place of worship or a friend or family member. You may have to make several attempts since some establishments do not take used mattresses due to health concerns. If the mattress is in bad condition, dismantle the mattress, and dispose of the individual components. Be careful dismantling mattresses infested with bed bugs to prevent transferring them to your home.

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To dismantle a mattress for disposal, lay it on the ground where there is plenty of room. Cut through the mattress cover around its perimeter using a utility knife. Wearing gloves to prevent injury, pull the cover off of the top of the mattress, and then turn it over to pull the cover off the bottom. You may haul the metal springs away for recycling or arrange for a scrap metal dealer to pick them up. Roll the mattress covers up, secure them with twine and dispose them in the garbage.s

You may dismantle a box spring using the same process, but you must use more force to remove the cover. Use a circular or reciprocating saw to cut up the wooden frame. You can burn the wooden pieces or dispose of them in the garbage.

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