Where Can You Find Diagrams for Installing a Shower Floor?


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Installers can find shower floor installation diagrams from a large variety of sources, including online publications, such as Family Handyman, or by contacting the shower floor supplier or manufacturer. The shower kit's owner's manual is also a reliable source to find model-specific installation diagrams as well as troubleshooting tips and required installation materials.

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Installation instructions from an online publication, such as Family Handyman, are helpful because they offer installers a full overview of the entire installation process, from removing the old shower stall to performing the finish work on the new shower stall. These instructions are typically generic, so they may not apply to the specific model that is available.

Shower tub suppliers are also a good resource for finding installation diagrams, as these suppliers often have model-specific instructions. The Quick Pitch website, for example, offers installation instructions and model specifications available through PDF downloads. This type of site may also offer an installation video so that installers can follow along to install the base properly.

The manufacturer of the shower floor kit is also a reliable source to find installation diagrams. The Schluter Systems website, for example, also offers installation videos and diagram downloads for its shower kit products. The site also offers the manufacturer's phone number so installers can call for installation details and instructions.

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