How Can You Determine What Is Wrong With an LG Washer?

LG offers a Smart Diagnosis mobile application that automatically identifies problems in 2012 and later models of its washers. In addition, LG washers have an error-monitoring system that displays two-letter codes whenever the washers detect problems.

As of 2015, the Smart Diagnosis app is available on Android and iOS. To diagnose problems, the user only needs to hold the smartphone near the washer's power button, turn on the washer, and push the wash or rinse key for three seconds. With the app open, the smartphone listens for the special tone that the washer emits, and it analyzes it to provide an appropriate troubleshooting guide for the user.

LG recommends talking to its customer support over the phone when the app fails to help in diagnosing the problem. When contacted, the support representative typically asks the user to turn on the washer, press and hold the power button for three seconds, and place the phone's mouthpiece close to the button to let the washer transmit a tone to the representative. The representative uses this information to provide further assistance to the user.

In addition, LG washers might display error codes whenever they detect problems in their systems. Common error codes include "DE" for door error, "LE" for motor problems and "UE" for balancing issues. In some cases, users can use simple solutions to fix these errors instead of contacting customer support.