How Can You Determine Which Size Chain Fits an Oregon Chainsaw?


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Owners of an Oregon chainsaw determine the pitch, or size, of the product's chain by looking at the number permanently stamped on the drive link. The drive link is the bottom part of the chain. Customers then cross reference the drive link number on the chain pitch and gauge chart.

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Drive links are on the opposite side of the cutting teeth of the chain. Customers must loosen or completely remove the chain to see the inside of the chain. Customers view the chain pitch and gauge chart on the Oregon website's owner guide. The chart contains the 22 part numbers that may be stamped on the drive link. Oregon manufactures five different sizes of chains. The smallest pitch is 0.25 inch, and the largest pitch is 0.75 inch.

The chain pitch is determined by dividing the distance between any three consecutive rivets by two. The drive sprocket must the same size as the pitch. Another important chain measurement for a chainsaw is the gauge of the chain, which is an indicator of its thickness. The thickness of the chain is vital because it determines how the chain fits into the bar groove of the chainsaw. Oregon produces chains with thicknesses between 0.043 inch to 0.122 inch.

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