How Can You Determine the Best Coffee Maker for Your Family?

Factors in choosing a coffee maker include amount of coffee consumed, budget, preferred brewing method and desired extras, such as programmable settings and auto shutoff. Common styles of coffee maker include traditional drip, pods and espresso makers. Considering the habits of all coffee drinkers narrows down the options.

Establishing a budget first helps the consumer eliminate expensive options. Size is a major factor. If several coffee drinkers reside in the household, a large capacity drip coffee maker accommodates everyone with fewer brews required. A pod-style coffee maker is best for low coffee consumption or for households with coffee drinkers who enjoy different brews.

The extras often set coffee makers apart and speak to the individual customer. Programmable units are set to turn on at a certain time to make mornings easier. Higher-end models come with additional settings and options, such as small-batch settings so smaller batches aren't too weak. The brew-strength control is another extra that allows for a stronger pot of coffee.

If coffee tends to sit around for hours, a thermal carafe is a consideration. The special pot maintains the heat in the coffee without ruining the flavor. Coffee makers for only one or two cups may have an option for a thermal to-go mug.