How Can You Detect Mold in Your Home?


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You can detect mold in your home by looking for moisture, paying attention to allergy symptoms and buying a testing kit to see if mold spores are growing in a particular spot. Most of the time mold lurks in spots where homeowners cannot easily see it.

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How Can You Detect Mold in Your Home?
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If any leaks exist in your home, there may also be mold. Consequently, you should repair any issue causing moisture. After locating the leak, replace any wallboard or insulation that has mold. Washing the area with bleach, long considered a quick fix, kills the existing mold, but it can still return if the leak remains.

Pay close attention to allergy sufferers if you suspect mold exists in the home. If a family member is consistently sick at home but feels better when at work or school, mold may be present at home.

A musty odor can signify mold's presence, even when you cannot see any mold. Remove electrical outlet covers to see inside the walls to uncover a hidden mold problem.

Testing kits are available for homeowners to determine if they have mold and what type. The kits contain petri dishes that capture mold spores. After a period of time, the homeowner can send the dishes to the manufacturer, which examines them under a microscope to determine the mold types.

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