Where Can You Find Designs to Build Roof Trusses?

Websites with designs for building roof trusses include WoodWorkersWorkshop.com and IAState.edu. Wood Workers Workshop also offers designs for a truss dining table, shelves, a clear-span barn, rafters and split-ring trusses. The site also has plans for tables, folding deck chairs, hand rails, decks and porches, and a deck storage bench.

ITState's site offers plans for beef and dairy, framing and utility, hay, grain and machinery storage. It offers plans for milkhouses, parlours, lamb confinement, feeding and storage barns. It has plans for swine nurseries, gestation and breeding buildings, growing and finishing buildings and farrowing houses. It also offers multiple plans for townhouses, plans for a garage, a pump house, and a pesticide storage and mixing building.