How Can You Dehumidify a Laundry Room?


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Dehumidifying a room with a large amount of water flowing through it can be quite challenging; fortunately, there are several options that could be viable. You can dehumidify through the natural action of the evaporator coil, by running the air conditioning system regularly or by using a stand-alone dehumidifier.

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How Can You Dehumidify a Laundry Room?
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If you have a whole home air conditioning system, you can dehumidify naturally with the evaporator coil. Running the air conditioning system regularly is the best option if the humidity problem is not confined to a single room in your home. The water removed from the air is then drained either into a floor drain or a sump pit. The downside to this is that it tends to cause your electric bill to increase by a considerable amount.

Another option is to use a stand-alone dehumidifier. They are usually around the size of a 2-drawer filing cabinet and are a more power efficient way to dehumidify. They are available in various tank sizes. Some also have connections for drain piping. The downside to this option is that if you don't have a floor drain or a location above a laundry sink to drain into, the humidifier will need to have its tank emptied regularly.

All-natural desiccants are also an option. Baking soda and rock salt are a few natural hygroscopic substances. When placed in a shallow baking pan in an enclosed space, they can remove a significant amount of moisture from the air. In a very small room such as a closet with a washer and dryer, this may be all that is necessary to dehumidify the room.

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