How Can You Decorate a Wall With Trim Work?


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Add trim work to your walls to decorate your space and add texture and depth to a room in just a few steps. You need trim, a saw, nails, wood filler, paint and wallpaper.

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  1. Make a plan

    Decide what kind of trim you want to use; there are several different types to consider. Crown molding runs along the top of the ceiling and above windows, adding height and crisp lines to a room. Baseboards run along the bottom of the wall and dress up a room. Casing trim brackets windows and doors, defining those areas. Chair rail trim runs horizontally about 3 feet from the bottom of the wall and adds a decorative element. Picture rail trim is similar to chair rail trim but higher up on the wall. Wall frame molding looks like an empty picture frame against the wall and adds decoration to an unadorned wall.

  2. Prepare the walls

    Before you add the trim work, prepare your walls by painting or wallpapering them. Match the trim to the walls. Look at the undertones of the trim. If there are warm undertones choose warm paint colors. For instance, natural wood trim complements orange, red or gold paint. Cool undertones require cool paint colors.

  3. Install the trim

    Install the trim using a saw and nails. Work section by section. Cut the necessary joints. Fill in any gaps with wood filler.

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