How Can You Decorate With Wall Hooks?


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To decorate with wall hooks, begin by choosing ones that have unusual or decorative elements. Then display them in an artistic way and use them to hold other items. Choose hooks that complement the rest of your decor.

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There are numerous ways to create a design element with wall hooks. One way to make the use of wall hooks decorative is to place them in an odd or unique arrangement. They can be angled or placed in a square or circle with another item, such as a mirror, in the middle. This allows them to work as a decorative frame for another item that is the focal point.

Another way to make wall hooks decorative, as well as functional, lies in the choice of the items hanging from them. One suggestion is to hang jewelry from them in a bedroom. Place necklaces on one hook and bracelets on another hook. Group them by length or by color. Besides giving you additional storage space, it becomes an intriguing piece of wall art.

Choose a set of wall hooks and place them on a board. This is an ideal option for an entry to hang coats, umbrellas or hats. The board can be painted or stained.

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