How Can I Decorate a Vintage Hoosier Cabinet?


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Add a Hoosier cabinet to your kitchen for a unique look. Decorate this vintage piece by preserving the old-fashioned aesthetic, accessorizing it accordingly and using it to display curios.

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  1. Preserve the vintage look

    Keep the vintage look of the Hoosier cabinet by preserving its distressed finish. Keep the original oak, pine or enamel worktop.

  2. Accessorize accordingly

    Add vintage and old-fashioned accessories to the cabinet. Visit antique stores and estate sales to find authentic items. Some great additions to the cabinet include flour bins, canisters, cookie jars and spice jars from the same era. Place period cookbooks on the top, and place vintage linens in the drawers. Sift through family collections and heirlooms for appropriate items.

  3. Display curios

    Use any remaining shelves in the Hoosier cabinet to display curios and collectibles. Display a collection of old family china or glassware. Add matching figurines. Set up the pieces so that they are arranged in varying heights. Crack open the cabinet drawers and fill the space with more pieces in the collection or other vintage items.

  4. Add a coffee maker

    On the counter of the cabinet, add a few modern touches such as a coffee maker, a tea bar and different kinds of coffee.

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