How Can You Deal With a Moth Infestation in Your Home?


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Treat a moth infestation in a home by dry cleaning or laundering all affected clothing. If you cannot immediately clean clothing, seal the items in a plastic bag, and place them in the freezer for a few days, bringing them back to room temperature and freezing again. Air out the clothes to dry any condensation, and throw away the materials the moths have damaged the most. With severe infestations, call an exterminator to help.

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Prevent moths from damaging clothing by cleaning it before storing it. Place the clean, dry items in plastic bags, and seal them tightly. If you do not want to pay to clean seldom-used items, take them outside the home, and brush them with a fabric brush. Store these items separate from those that are properly cleaned.

If moths are attacking the carpets, vacuum thoroughly, and throw the bag away outside the home. Cedar kills the clothes moth larva but not the more common carpet beetles that cause similar damage. Cedar loses its effectiveness as the oils evaporate. Moth balls and flakes can be harmful to inhabitants of the home and leave odors that dry cleaning cannot remove. Lavender sachets in closets and drawers repels moths but do not kill them.

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