What Can You Cut With a Jonsered 630 Chainsaw?


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A Jonsered 630 chainsaw is used only for cutting wood. Tree felling, limbing, pruning and cutting firewood are activities that can be done using a Jonsered 630 chainsaw.

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Using the Jonsered 630 chainsaw requires technical expertise that applies to all chainsaws. Before cutting, assess the risk of kickback and any other potential issues. Ensure the log does not split during cutting and that the bar does not jam in the cut. Make basic cuts all the way through from the top. If possible, do not touch the ground and maintain full throttle.

Stay alert in case the chain snatches. If the log can be turned, stop cutting about two-thirds of the way through the log and finish cutting from the other side. Limbing is another chainsaw technique that involves cutting branches off a log or felled tree. To limit kickback during limbing, the chainsaw user must be able to fully reach the cut. Felling a tree requires more experience.

The objective is to fell the tree so that it falls in a convenient position for cross-cutting and limbing while ensuring the safety of anyone in the perimeter. Keep a distance of at least two and a half tree lengths between the tree to be felled and anyone else in the area. Evaluate which direction the tree is going to fall by studying the lean of the tree, weight of branches and wind direction. Make three main cuts into the tree. The top and bottom cuts form a 45-degree angle and the felling cut is horizontal.

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