How Can You Cut Corian Countertop?


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Cut Corian countertops using a circular saw fitted with a special blade or a router with a straight bit. Use a belt sander for finish trimming. Cut holes for plumbing using a hole saw fitted to an electric drill.

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Most installers order Corian countertops precut from the factory; however, there are times when they must make on-site cuts. Corian consists of stones and minerals bound in resin, and practically any saw suitable for cutting wood can also cut it. However, the cutting tool must be able to withstand cutting the thick plastic. A circular saw works best if the operator replaces the normal blade with a 60-tooth, triple-chip grind blade. The blade is similar to a carbide blade, but its slightly rounded tips help prevent chipping the countertop during the cutting process.

Mark the cutlines on the bottom of the material using a pencil or grease marker, but do not use a felt-tip marker on the material. Cut from the bottom to protect the top surface.

The cutting process results in a very fine plastic dust. Before beginning, put on a face mask and eye protection. The best option is to cut the material outside, but if you must cut inside, use plastic to form a curtained cutting area to contain the dust, which sticks to other surfaces due to static electricity.

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