Where Can You Find Customer Reviews of Fireplace Xtrordinair?

Hearth.com and FireplacesAndWoodStoves.com have several customer reviews of the Fireplace Xtrordinair, as of August 2015. Customers are extremely satisfied with the heat output from the fireplaces and with how easy the fireplace is to start.

One customer mentioned that a Fireplace Xtrordinair can heat his entire house to 72 degrees. However several customers complained that the glass door gets very dirty, and the fireplace utilizes more wood than expected. Customers also registered complaints about the customer service received from Travis Industries, the manufacturer of the Fireplace Xtrordinair.

A homeowner can purchase a wood, electric or gas fireplace from Fireplace Xtrordinair. Each type has several models differing in size, from space savers to large, see-through fireplaces. The manufacturer's website has a dealer locator for homeowners to find local retailers that sell and install the fireplaces.