How Can a Crockpot Lid Handle Be Replaced?


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If the crock pit lid handle was a separate piece, it can be replaced with a replacement handle. Replacement handles are handles designed for when lids to various cookware wear out, and sometimes come with features that the previous handle did not have, while others remain simple.

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First, consider whether you want to replace a cookware lid handle. If it has worn out after years of use, new cookware may be in order. If that is not an option, worn lid handles that cannot be salvaged can be replaced with replacement lid handles, which sometimes boast features such as finger guards or larger handles than the original. Simpler designs are available for very cheap, ranging only as high as a $2 to $5 for most handle types.

If a crock pot lid handle was not a separate piece, then the handle cannot be replaced. This is the case in glass lids where the handle is a part of the lid itself, as opposed to screwed onto it. Some crock pot lids, like most cookware lids, can have their handles easily replaced if the lid itself is not damaged as a result of the same wear and tear that broke the handle.

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