How Can You Find a Craftsman Metal Lathe 1959 Model?

Find a Craftsman lathe 1959 model by first searching for online sources that have the lathes in stock and typically include and Search through various sites to see available, models and pick the right one from those available.

Sell Old Toys takes a look at the evolution of Craftsman metal lathe over the years and features the Craftsman 112-by-36-inch Atlas long-bed and 12-inch Atlas late-model. The site explores a late model 12-inch Atlas and the series 3000 of 1959. The models are identical with the same 6-inch center height and both fitted with conventional tumble reverse assembly to drive the lead screw. Other specification features highlighted include combinations of bed length, motor type, screw cutting by change wheels or screw cutting by gearbox.

Vintage Machinery features machine information and photo indexes that examine various class models. The information provided in the photo index is listed in a table-form where it indicates the date of posting the information, the type of machine, size, the year of manufacture and serial number. The site lists the Craftsman metal lathe 1959 model size 6-by-18 inches, an Atlas 618. The site presents numerous photos that show each part of the machine and the specific description.