How Can I Cover Bathroom Tile?


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A quick and economical way to cover bathroom tile is to lay adhesive vinyl tiles over the existing floor. There is no need to place a layer of padding or insulation between the tiled layers, but damaged base tiles must first be knocked out and their gaps leveled with mortar. Self-adhesive vinyl tiles install most effectively over a freshly washed and thoroughly dried floor.

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Another way to cover a bathroom tile floor is to apply vinyl sheeting. Like sticky vinyl tiles, vinyl sheeting has an adhesive coating that bonds to the existing floor. For a flawless appearance, floors with sunken grout or chipped tiles benefit from mortar leveling before vinyl application.

Vinyl is an excellent material for bathroom floors because it is very durable and not prone to water damage. It resists staining and is easy to clean. The material yellows after chronic exposure to bright sunlight, but this is not a consideration in most bathrooms because of their small windows.

Neither vinyl tiles nor vinyl sheeting require professional installation, but the process requires careful attention to avoid unsightly gaps between tiles or between sheeting and the bathroom walls. If minor gaps occur, a clear sealant minimizes the chance of water getting beneath the vinyl and fostering mold growth.

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