What Can You Cook in a Vertical Rotisserie Oven?


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Vertical rotisserie ovens are capable of cooking anything a horizontal rotisserie oven cooks, including chicken, fish and vegetables. Most vertical rotisserie ovens are sold with accessories, such as vegetable and fish baskets, as well as skewers, further expanding the range of foods that the ovens are equipped to cook.

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Vertical rotisserie ovens, which cook food on a rotating upright spit, are considered a healthier approach to rotisserie cooking as, unlike their horizontal counterparts, they allow fat to drip out of the bottom of the chicken or other food. To avoid flavor loss, many cooks place a marinade or wine in the drip pan, which creates steam that penetrates cooking meat with flavor during the cooking process.

Popular recipes for vertical rotisserie ovens include pork chops. As with grilling, vertical rotisserie ovens seal in pork chop juices. The easiest way to cook pork chops in a vertical rotisserie oven is to place them in a basket meant for loose vegetables or small pieces of fish.

Many vertical rotisserie ovens offer enough room to cook two chickens at once or even a large beef roast. Some people cook vegetables in the oven's basket at the same time they are roasting chicken or beef.

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