What Can You Cook in a Pressure Fryer?


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A cook can use a pressure fryer to cook just about anything one would deep-fry, including fried chicken, deep-fried potatoes, vegetables and seafood. A cook can also pressure fry sweets such as doughnuts.

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Pressure frying is similar to pressure cooking, except that the pot is filled with oil, instead of water. The pot is heated to high temperatures under pressure. This makes it dangerous because the pressurized oil can explode. Commercial kitchens and restaurants use specially designed safe pressure fryers to fry chicken and other food. Pressure frying should never be attempted in a regular home pressure cooker. There are some pressure fryers available for home use, however.

In a pressure fryer, the pressure helps seal in the food's natural juices and prevents too much oil absorption. For commercial kitchens, this helps extend the life of the oil, thus reducing costs. Because pressure fried foods absorb little oil, there is minimal flavor transfer when using the same oil for different types of food. The biggest benefit to using a pressure fryer is that it takes a lot less time to cook food than traditional frying and other cooking methods. Foods also tend to cook more evenly, as most pressure fryers are designed for even heat distribution.

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