How Can You Cook Outdoors With a Dutch Oven?


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To cook outdoors with a Dutch oven, season the oven, fill it with whatever is to be cooked and set it on top of some hot coals. Apply hot coals to the lid to help even out the temperature.

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In theory, campers can use a Dutch oven to cook almost anything that cooks well in a regular oven. To cook outdoors with a Dutch oven, use the following steps.

  1. Prepare the oven
  2. Choose a Dutch oven with a tight-fitting lid. For new cast-iron ovens, season them before cooking any food. To season an oven, rub the lid and pot with fat, such as olive oil, lard or shortening. Place the pot and lid on a wire rack facing downwards over some hot coals. Let the fat bake on the surface for 1 hour. Seasoning provides a nonstick surface to the oven.

  3. Set up the grill
  4. Set up the grill and heat up the charcoal.

  5. Fill the oven
  6. Add food to the Dutch oven and put on the lid.

  7. Add the oven to the coals
  8. Place the oven on top of the hot coals. Place coals on top of the lid. To find the right number of coals to place below the oven, subtract three from the diameter of the oven. Add three to the diameter for the number of coals on top of the oven. Add one piece of coal on the top and one on the bottom to raise the temperature by 25 F.

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