What Can You Cook in an Electric Roaster Oven?

An electric roaster oven prepares foods like pot roast, soups, sauerkraut and more. According to Hamilton Beach, this multipurpose cooker functions as a conventional oven, slow cooker and steamer in one.

The versatility of an electric roaster allows it to fit the lifestyle of any buyer. It is portable and large enough to handle party- or buffet-style meals. The slow cooking ability allows the buyer to make meals ahead of time and keep them warm once done. While the oven is convenient, the oversized base is something to take into consideration. An electric roaster takes up considerable space on the counter and in cabinets. Checking the dimensions of the roaster before purchase helps the buyer save precious counter space.

The large size is an advantage to the buyer seeking to cook holiday turkeys and hams or just use it as a second oven. For holiday meals, food blogger Andrea Myers suggests a thermometer and watching cooking temperature to get the desired crust on meats. The cooking insert also serves as a casserole dish for food such as paella, chili and macaroni. The savvy buyer should consult the owner’s manual when trying to bake bread or steam seafood in the oven.