How Can I Convert Twin Beds Into a King-Size Bed?

One way to convert two twin beds into a king is to place the twin box springs and mattresses into a king bed frame and use a converter belt. Another way to convert twins into a king is to push two twin bed frames together and use a converter belt.

Though it is easy to convert two twin beds to a king, some challenges should be kept in mind. For instance, the dimensions are slightly different than a normal king, so buying bedding may prove difficult. One method is to use two flat sheets for the bed instead of a fitted sheet and a flat sheet. If the sheets are short, clips can hold the sheet at the corners. Most king-size comforters and blankets fit this combination bed, but may be a bit narrow or long.

Twin beds are generally less expensive than kings, even when buying two. Purchasing two twins plus a converter is a more affordable option and is ideal for many homes. Couples who prefer two different firmness levels on the bed may find that putting two twins together with a converter is an ideal solution. This is also a good choice for guest rooms, as a homeowner can offer guests two twin beds or a king, as placing the converter is an easy job.