How Can I Convert Kilowatts to Kilowatt-Hours?


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Kilowatt-hours are simply the product of the measurement of electrical power expressed in kilowatts, subject to time in terms of hours. 5 kilowatts consumed over the time of 1 hour equals 5 kilowatt-hours. Kilowatts and kilowatt-hours can not be converted; they can only be calculated.

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  1. Take the amount of kilowatts of electrical power

    For the purpose of instruction, use 5 kilowatts for your base.

  2. Multiply the amount of kilowatts by the amount of time in hours

    If you have 5 kilowatts of electricity multiplied by 1 hour, you would have consumed 5 kilowatt-hours of energy. If you have 5 kilowatts of electricity multiplied by 4 hours, you would have consumed 20 kilowatt-hours of energy

  3. Repeat for other quantities

    Because the kilowatt is a component of the kilowatt-hour, the numbers are not converted; they must be calculated each time.

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