How Can You Convert Your Garage Into Living Space?

How Can You Convert Your Garage Into Living Space?

To convert a garage to a living space, first determine the value of the living space versus the garage, and then obtain building permits, frame the walls, install electrical and plumbing, insulate, add drywall and perform finishing work. Consult a professional contractor with any questions regarding the conversion process, and ensure the conversion passes all inspections and meets building codes.

To convert a garage into a living space:

  1. Determine the value
  2. Before converting a garage, determine the value of the home with a garage versus with an extra living space and decide if the extra living space is worth the cost and value.

  3. Obtain permits
  4. Contact the city and obtain all necessary building permits before beginning construction. Many areas require that a full set of architectural plans are completed before the permits are awarded.

  5. Frame
  6. Once all permits are obtained, frame out the garage's interior to prepare for the drywall. Run the necessary electrical and plumbing after the framework is completed but before the drywall is installed.

  7. Insulate and install drywall
  8. Insulate the walls for sound and comfort, and then screw the drywall into place. Tape and mud the drywall.

  9. Perform finishing work
  10. Paint the walls, install trim and attach fixtures. Hang doors and install the desired flooring to finish the garage conversion to a living space.